The Stag Pod

The STAG POD really is our flagship product. Designed to allow any goal-post setup to be used as a rod stand. The design for the STAG POD came about after failing to get a sturdy base for the rods whilst fishing a large European gravel pit. Banksticks simply wouldn't go in, and the steep angle of the bank, combined with the marginal growth meant that a "standard" rod pod wouldn't cope. The STAG POD is a strong, light solution that takes seconds to setup, and can be adjusted to suit any fishing situation.

Available on request, this product will be built to order.

Who We Are

Global Angling Products was formed around the development of our custom, carbon fibre bankware.

We are a small UK based company that has been trading since 2012. We specialise in the manufacture of niche items of fishing tackle that are otherwise unavailable, or not of a sufficient standard for the discerning angler. Every item we sell is either something that we have desired and been unable to source, or has been requested by our customers. We have a small workshop on the south coast, we assemble everything here in the UK using locally sourced parts and machining wherever possible.

Our products aren't always the cheapest, but you are getting a quality, British-made product.

What We Do

Take a look at our products to see what we have to offer. What you will find are top quality products built from the best components. What you won’t find are words such as “Carbon Effect” because unlike some manufacturers, we only use top quality woven carbon fibre, produced especially for us by Harrisons.

Our bankware products are produced in-house, here in the UK and we offer repair/replacement for any damaged items.

As well as our carbon fibre products and bankware, we also offer some useful and unique accessories, as well as branded clothing. Visit our online store to see the latest products.

Please let us know if you'd like any of our products custom made. We're happy to make custom orders, which allows you to get your ideal setup just the way you want it. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like.